CRYSTALTREK Custom Size-Clarity-Vacancy of Aura


Riley Jardayn

Story line: Our Model: Riley Jardayn. Imported as a crystal handler and model from Krygis near Novosibirsk Russia, she is placed here to scale the size and beauty of the individual entities. She is an Authorized Hidden Crystalarian that can maneuver Crystals of all levels of Power. Her rare psychical vacancy (nobodys home) does not allow the Crystal of any size to adopt or empower Aura from her touch.

Dallas Razore

Story line: Our Model: Dallas Razore. A dirt poor backwoods West Virginia discovery that simply sees hears and feels evil Aura. Her early nickname was "FIRE" as her talent for "finding" was unparalleled. She can touch the rare evil crystals and survive unharmed. She collects black diamonds over 10 carats as a hobby.